The Foundation named after International Soviet architect, graphic artist and educator Iakov Chernikhov (1889-1951), the first independent architectural non-profit in Russia, was established in 1991.

However, the Foundation dates its history from June 1988, when “The Space of the 21st Century Civilization” competition was held aboard the Soviet ship Lev Tolstoy by the International Academy of Architecture (IAA) and the International Forum of Young Architects (IFYA), with the support of the Union of Architects of the USSR.

Some 300 young architects from 35 countries took part in the competition. The winners of were awarded four books of architectural fantasies by Iakov Chernikhov from the architect Andrey Chernikhov’s personal collection.

"Fantasy ... is needed as the greatest factor in the progress of human creations ... If architectural fantasy today seems like a mere imagination, there is no reason to think that in the near future it will not become a reality."



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