Anne Holtrop,

Founder of the Studio Anne Holtrop (The Netherlands / Bahrein)


Georges Heitz (France)

Сергей Чобан
Сергей Чобан
Владимир Кузьмин
Владимир Кузьмин
Жорж Хайнц
Жорж Хайнц
Андрей Чернихов
Андрей Чернихов
Георги Станишев
Георги Станишев
Якуб Циглер
Ксинмин Фунь
Паоло Кучи
Тесс Брекманс
Фабрицио Галланти
Тони Фреттон
Роберт Малл
Регине Ляйбингер
Лукас Файрайз
Камило Гарсия
Дэвид Басульто
Илья Мукосей
Хорацио Торрент
Акош Моравански
Грег Линн
Аарт Оксенаар
Владимир Фролов
Бенедетта Таглиабью
Renée Jones-Bos,
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow

"Culture is all-embracing, more than anything else, and contains possibilities that are difficult or unrealistic to achieve in politics. The success of Dutch architecture and design, the entire world is now witnessing is largely the result of state support for young talents. That's why the Idea of the award for young architects corresponds very well to the Dutch approach towards the development of international culture."

Anne Holtrop

"In my work I start with forms or material gestures that often come from outside the realm of architecture, in the conviction that things can always be re-examined and reinterpreted, and could in turn also be seen as architecture. The way someone can see a butterfly or a lake in the ink blots of a Rorschach test. I try to look freely at material gestures and forms and let them perform as architecture. In this way, architecture emerges by imagining a next step to the previous steps that have been taken, in an attempt to let the work remain interpretable, in much the same way it originated."