Håkon Matre Aasarød and Erlend Blakstad Haffner,

Fantastic Norway (Norway)


Stefano Boeri (Italy)

Стефано Боери
Стефано Боери
Руди Риччотти
Руди Риччотти
Вячеслав Глазычев
Вячеслав Глазычев
Одиль Дек
Одиль Дек
Гари Чанг
Гари Чанг
Андрей Чернихов
Андрей Чернихов
Бернар Хури
Юрий Мамлин
Юрий Григорян
Юнь Хо Чань
Йошихару Тсукамото
Ксавьер Коста
Том Ковач
Татьяна Бильбао
Олег Дроздов
Срджан Йованович Вейсс
Оле Боуман
Минсук Хо
Макото Сей Ватанабе
Кьетил Торсен
Юрген Майер
Джозеф Грима
Игорь Ковачевич
Хорацио Торрент
Гари Чанг
Питер Рич
Елена Гонсалес
Эмре Аролат
Матус Дулла
Бьярке Ингелс
Солано Бенитез
Дидье Фиуза Фаустино
Stefano Boeri

"Any transformation of the space, even if it is provoked by global flows, incites and intercepts the device of local space , and inevitably conditioned by it. Local space, in other words, acts like the eye of a needle through which the thread of transformation must necessarily pass. For this reason, local space is not just a container for social, political and cultural processes that forge our contemporary world, but it is also their fundamental content.

Planetary architecture must today be able to recognize and understand this new form of “localism”. This does not imply opposition to global flows, but rather creates opportunities in which these global flows can be absorbed and regenerated through the filter of local cultures and their spatial forms.

...Architecture must accept those global flows that create new forms of behaviour (in trade and social relations; in terms of mobility and work etc.) and translate them into the device of local space; thus creating its own local space...

The new planetary architecture must be able to translate global flows into the local language which generates them, and this should be done on a case by case basis, individually, and from place to place. The eye of the needle of local space is a creative device that transforms global flows into a kind of fuel for regenerating places. It takes advantage of the whole world in order to construct a place."

Fanatastic Norway

"Fantastic Norway was founded in 2003. The primary ambition of the studio was to create an open, inclusive and socially aware architectural practice and by that contribute to re-establishing the role of the architect as an active participant in – and a builder of society."

Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 30, bld. 1

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