Works of 76 nominees from 20 countries were considered for the Award.


Junya Ishigami (Japan)


Elizbeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio


Риккардо Скофидио
Риккардо Скофидио
Элизабет Диллер
Элизабет Диллер
Макото Сей Ватанабе
Макото Сей Ватанабе
Георги Станишев
Георги Станишев
Тотан Кузембаев
Тотан Кузембаев
Андрей Чернихов
Андрей Чернихов
Эвм Эфрат
Томас Лизер
Циньюн Ма
Стефано Боери
Питер Айзенман
Тарек Нага
Марк Вигли
Ханс-Ульрик Обрист
Борис Ерофалов
Хелле Юль
Хитоши Абэ
Евгений Асс
Сильвия Лэвин
Лилло Попов
Дмитрий Фесенко
Дэвид Д’Хейли
Адам Будак
Барри Бергдолл
Майкл Белл
Вернер Собек
Elizabeth Diller

"It's a very significant award that doesn't reward a body of past work, but tries to find a kind of spirit, of something that will be very important in the future, something that can affect the culture of architecture in a significant way."

"The Iakov Chernikhov Award is incredibly important, especially today when architecture is searching for a new voice and a new way of beginning to face the future."

Ricardo Scofidio

"The critical voice of architecture has not yet manifested itself to the full and has not merged with its prophetic voice. We need a new interdisciplinary architectural work, where inspiration and excitement are combined; which directs the world through a complex perception of social, economic and geopolitical forces; a form that occupies legitimate, alien and captured places; its tactics are secretive, but it builds using bricks, ink, and pixels."

Junya Ishigami

"I'm asking questions and reviewing the traditional concepts of architecture.This allows me to go beyond the definitions of architecture, create new buildings, new spaces, and a new environment. I hope that through this environment a new lifestyle, new values, and a new culture will soon emerge."