Works of 55 nominees from 20 countries were considered for the Award.


Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara, Dogma Architectural Studio (Italy / Belgium)


Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher

(United Kingdom)

Элия Зенгелис
Элия Зенгелис


Деян Суджик
Деян Суджик


Георги Станишев
Георги Станишев


Андрей чернихов
Андрей чернихов


Элия Зенгелис
Серра Ондеш
Эрик Ван Эгераат
Эдуард Кубенский
Том Мэн
Уильям МакДональд
Питер Кук
Дитлиф Мартинс
Роджер Риге
Кьетиль Торсен
Ирина Коробьина
Кристин Феррис
Кадзюо Седжима
Андреас Руби
Марко Казамонти
Сенд Хелсел
Александр Ленуар
Деян Суджик
Zaha Hadid

"I always valued conceptual work as much as building, because I think it is a very important process to really push the boundaries of architecture. That’s why I support this prize and all those who are involved and generate new ideas. In a world that is led by commerce, sometimes we tend to forget about the importance of ideas ..."

Patrik Schumacher

"The Iakov Chernikhov Award is a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on architecture on a deep level ... It is very important for the culture of architecture that such awards exist, that they stimulate young emerging architects, give a forum to work which is not for immediate translation into the real, but is really a contribution to architecture in terms of the development of a repertoire, a vision, a critical agenda."

Pier Vittorio Aureli
Martino Tattara
Dogma Architectural Studio

"The architecture of our projects is form without style. It is radically silent and anonymous. Composed of authorless forms, its aim is to suspend all unnecessary celebrations and to postulate intelligible spatial configurations."